Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Brother!

“PictureS of your KehRayZee Fans of
ur Blog!”

Hi Mr Manager!

We are all students of University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

We love your blog so madly. Definitely first thing every morning - to look at your blog! So glam to look for updates especially when u are in overseas like us!

We send you 2 pictures, we really like them both! But it's up to u to choose which one since u're the boss.

Keep blogging, as the world will be dead without ur funky entries. But one suggestion, do more entries on Fashion! Would love to see ur RM 2500 Prada shoes, and your glamorous clothes from Jovian.

That's all from us!

from left: Zafiruddin (Medical student), Fariza (Bio-Medicine student), Zamri (Dentistry student), Mahaletchumy (Agriculture student).

P/S: Do come to Newcastle when u come to visit UK again. With Ning of course!

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saje nak share dgn u all, zafiruddin (the first from left) is my fourth brother... dia dah dua tahun study kat University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. my brother ni rajin surf internet, check out about fashions and also rajin baca blog2 sesape saje... saye pun heran, dia boleh ada idea mcm ni dgn kawan2 dia kat sana... maybe sbb dah rindu sgt nak balik malaysia kot?! hehehehe... sampai boleh amik gambar2 yg cukup cantik ni & hantar email kat mrmanager (aka vernon)... once i saw the photos, nak tergelak pun ada... and of course rasa rindu membuak-buak kat dia... dah lebih kurang setahun la kitorg tak jumpa dia... takpe udin, balik kl cepat, kite gi pavilion nanti ye! hehehehe... btw, bila nak amik gambar2 mcm ni dgn kawan2 utk blog akak lak???? takkan utk vernon je? hahahaha... =D

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