Saturday, May 17, 2008

it shows how happy i am..

Will you marry your present boyfriend?

My result is: Congratulations you've found your soul mate!

Though you two have your ups and downs, the chemistry is amazing! You both have an undeniable love for each other that can only be explained with the words "I DO". He's a keeper!!!!

Are YOU truly in love?

My result is: You're in love!! Good Job :]

Yay!! You are in love and I hope you are enjoying it but don’t rush, it will happen by itself.

How Much Do You Love Him/Her???

My result is: an absolute lover!

You love this crush of yours with all your heart!!!

The one who loves you the MOST

My result is: Your TRUE LOVE

HE / SHE is the most caring person in your life. He/She loves more you more than any one else. And they believe in you. You are their life.... so don't hurt them...

Do you really love that person?

My result is: Totally In loved!

You are really in loved with that person. But be careful! Don't confuse love with obsession.

Is he really meant to be yours?

My result is: Truly Madly Deeply

You two are a match made in heaven! He's into you! He loves everything about you, even your flaws. Work it girl!

Actually, semua yg di atas ni adalah jawapan kepada kuiz2 yg ada dalam Facebook... i think, not just me, ramai lagi yg also do all the quizzes yg ada dalam Facebook tu... tapi bila difikir-fikir balik, ada betul jugak kuiz2 tu... walaupun maybe ada yg cakap, "Ala dah takde keje sgt la main2 kuiz kat facebook tu, or orang bodoh je yg rajin buat2 tu semua"... but for me, masa saje2 jawab all the questions, tak terfikir ape pun, just jawab ikut apa soalan dia... tapi bile keluar result dia, buat saye terfikir balik, most all the quizzes tu jawapan dia menggambarkan perasaan saye ketika ini... bukan nak percaya sgt benda2 mcm ni, tapi tu la... kebetulan... yeah! i am totally happy right now and i am really glad... just menghitung hari utk sampai ke saat itu... ;) Alhamdulillah...

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