Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Me, myself and Zafrina...

Capricorn Woman... Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

The Capricorn's life is a constant uphill climb toward greener, loftier pastures. She wants the view from the top of the mountain, and will work long and hard to get there. Capricorn knows she has a tedious climb ahead, so she may take it slow, enjoying life while she can, or she may dig in her hooves at any time and get moving.

Capricorn will do whatever is necessary to achieve the goal she has set for herself. She will conform to the standards of her chosen profession, she will seek help along the way from those who will give it, and she will start from any lowly position offered. Once she gets to the top, watch for some amazing leadership abilities.

They say that Capricorns look old when they're young and young when they're old. Their spirits age backwards. The young Capricorn is wizened before her time with a foreknowledge of a long hard life ahead, while the old Capricorn, having reached a good height of accomplishment already, may relax and return to the fun, capricious nature of the playful young kid.

The Capricorn sees her life as a series of steps. She is in no big hurry, so she makes it a point to stop and have fun along the way. She combines the joys of living and loving with her goals as if they were integral to them - and so may make a life out of her career and a career out of her life. Such is the earnestness of her existence, and the determination of her soul.

The Capricorn is determined, hardworking, businesslike, ambitious, and also fun to be with. Her earnest nature is not confined to practical matters. She also takes love and lovemaking very seriously.


The woman with Moon in Capricorn is serious and cautious in emotional situations. Because of Saturn's austere influence on her feelings, she may feel lonely, or deprived of nurturing and care. For this reason, Moon in Capricorn needs extra attention from her loved ones. She shows others she cares by offering practical advice and encouragement. She thrives on the attainment of goals, for which she will reward herself - and others - with fun and entertainment.


Capricorn Rising has a polished, professional look about her. She strives for success in the world, and attracts people who can help her achieve her goals. To her, the world is a place of opportunity where she may find stability and security for herself and her family.

Capricorn Rising is here to model responsible behavior and confidence in achieving one's goals

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